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25% off Liposomal Vitamins

We are offering 25% off all Liposomal Vitamins.

Putting an organic sunflower coating on fat soluble vitamins protects the vitamin as it goes through the stomach and delivers it to the small intestine where it is carried easily into the blood stream. The sunflower oil is an ideal delivery system ensuring a high rate of absorption.

The easiest way to take the liposomal vitamins is in a little water in a shot glass and thrown straight back. This is why we are giving away a shot glass to each of our first 8 customers.


Calendula Tincture can be added a few drops to cooled boiled water to clean any wound. Calendula helps to prevent infection and also promotes granulation of the wound.

We use Hypericum for injuries to nerves, for example stubbed toes, hammered fingers, falls on the coccyx. It is also useful for wounds which are much more painful than they should be, so for a wound that remains painful and is slow to heal Hypericum is the remedy.

Ledum is for puncture wounds. Also useful for insect bites (a type of puncture wound), and can be useful after a local anaesthetic injection if there are any after effects.

Arnica is for bruising but, even more importantly, for the shock of any injury or accident. Very important for head injury.

Bellis perennis, the common daisy, is a remedy very like Arnica but more especially for use in abdominal injury. It is wonderful to see the good effects of Bellis perennis after abdominal surgery.

Remember Five Flower Remedy, (Rescue Remedy), for the emotional consequences of fright.

Are you Low in Energy?

Is your low energy the result of a life stress? We all undertake difficult tasks all the time. We have to take on a job that might not be the right one for us, we care for our families, we suffer a loss and we grieve. Every day there can be rejections and disappointments, disagreements and jealousies which we handle, but those stresses can build in the body to exhaustion.

If you recognise yourself in this picture come in for a full consultation. One of the things that looking at the whole story and taking the homeopathic remedy can do is help you to feel stronger, more yourself, in face of difficult circumstances. There is always a, sometimes unexpected, way out.

Part of having your case taken is a chance to explore your strengths and your fears. It is a chance to see the bigger picture of who you are, while finding your individual homeopathic remedy which is going to help to restore you to health and energy.

There are so many reasons why you might be low in energy. Perhaps you are carrying some low level inflammation somewhere in your body. Low level inflammation can be very draining. If you are carrying an inflammation Vitamin C and Omega 3 are powerfully anti-inflammatory.

It is possible that you are missing out on some of the main nutrients that we all need; Magnesium, Zinc, Vitamin C, D and the B Vitamins. Just getting the nutrition you need can boost your energy.

If you have no energy because you are missing out on sleep have a look at our sleep section.

Maybe you are slowly recovering from a long term illness in which case we would recommend Dr Wolz Immunkomplex as the most easily absorbed nutritional mix. Followed by the Dr Wolz Zell Oxygen Plus.

Cordyceps is the energy mushroom. Hifas da Terra is the brand that we stock.

Dr Hauska Whole Body Skin Therapy

Felicity Williams, Dr.Hauschka Skin Care Therapist

We are happy that Felicity Williams, who is qualified in all the Dr.Hauschka Rhythmic Treatments, will be joining us in roots & wings Homeopathy.

Felicity discovered the wonders of Dr.Hauschka after many years of searching for a credible product line that would express her principles and beliefs that it is as important to use natural organic ingredients externally as it is internally.

Felicity has 20 years experience in the beauty industry and has spent the past 17 years training and working with Dr.Hauschka Skin Care. She has gained great experience with many different skin conditions.

"The focus of my work is to rejuvenate and repair whilst working ultimately on a preventative programme to keep my client's looks youthful and revitalised with refreshed and healthy glowing skin”.


Any one who has ongoing digestive problems will greatly benefit from a full homeopathic consultation and individual treatment. We have wonderful results with homeopathy for colicky babies and for children with gut issues or constipation.

Your digestion is very important to your well-being and you may need help on many different levels. If you come into the shop with a gut problem we always have time to listen to your story and work out what is going on for you.

If the gall bladder is at the centre of your problems we have Chelidonium Tincture. If your liver has become over burdened by stress or hurried eating or toxic foods we have Zota Herbal Liver Support or Milk Thistle Capsules or Dandelion Tea to help with de-tox. We have Peppermint Tea to settle a full stomach and Ginger Oil for nausea.

The Hifas da Terra mushroom Hericium will sooth the whole digestive tract if there is any inflammation and the mushroom Maitake will help you with sugar cravings if your metabolism is your problem.

And at the other end we have homeopathic remedies for constipation or diarrhoea or worms.

Essential Oils

What can I say!! We stock the Tisserand range as one of the best quality of the normally priced oils. Beautiful oils. We have a range of good quality diffusers. And we have the Ochre Candles - exquisitely and subtly scented candles made locally.


Probably the most effective help for sleeplessness we have in the shop is homeopathy. Everyone is sleepless for a different reason and one of the main principles of homeopathy is recognising the individual and individual needs.

For instance we use Natrum mur for those who cannot sleep from the sheer amount of thinking they have to do. People who need Natrum mur cannot stop their thoughts, they may have had a grief and cannot escape from thoughts of the past. Or they may re-live, over and over, something embarrassing that has happened.

Nux vomica is a remedy for sleeplessness in people who have overworked and got themselves into a state. Their thoughts will be about work and they are impatient to get the job done so they cannot relax. It can be useful for teenagers who are studying too hard, who don't want to take a break and may be drinking coffee to keep themselves going.

Causticum is a wonderful remedy for the nervous system and when the cause of sleeplessness is physical, in that the body just cannot switch off, Causticum is a very useful remedy.

With homeopathy we use substances that can cause symptoms in a very dilute form, to send a signal to the body to relieve the same symptoms that can be caused by the material substance. For this reason a remedy made from coffee, Coffea, can be used for sleeplessness. Especially for overexcited, wired to the moon, type sleeplessness.

Sleeplessness can be a long term, chronic problem and in those cases it is best to have a complete homeopathic consultation. The homeopath will take your case and see how your sleeplessness fits into the whole picture of your health. She will then give you an individual remedy that addresses the deeper cause.

Magnesium has many important roles in the body and if you are short of Magnesium it can badly effect your sleep. One of the nicer ways to take Magnesium is in the form of a bath or foot bath with dissolved flakes. If your sleep problem is caused by a shortage of Magnesium a Magnesium bath will work wonders for you.

Camomile tea is a traditional sleep remedy - people find it very calming. We stock the Floradix range of teas.

The mushroom Reishi is very balancing and soothing, very useful if hormonal imbalance is the cause of your sleeplessness. When you come into our shop we will help you to understand which product is going to be most suited to you.

There are many ways to approach sleeplessness. Lavender is the traditional essential oil used for sleeplessness but other oils can be useful too. Frankincense, for instance, is a very grounding fragrance which may help.

Sleep Easy is a beautiful Indigo Essence combination to help you sleep.

Skin Care

The Dublin Herbalist range of skin care started out as individual creams made by a herbalist for her clients. They became so popular that she has ended up making these beautiful creams full-time.

We stock the Hydraflore range of skin care because it is the absolutely purest skincare available. Made in France by an old company so dedicated to purity that they are developing packaging made from potato. We feel we can trust a company with this integrity to come up with a product that even the most sensitive person can use. Remember that what you put on your skin is absorbed into your body.

These are some of the creams we have for soothing skin rashes or eruptions. They are useful because they might sooth without suppressing the rash completely. Our skin is a very important safety valve for our bodies and will only heal when any internal cause has been dealt with. Homeopathy can help with eczema and psoriasis etc only because it takes the whole health of the individual into account. As the person is restored to health the skin will heal.

Healthy Children

For the very best long term value homeopathy is the way to go. We run courses in how to use homeopathy for your children's coughs and colds, earaches, sore throats, tummy upsets etc.

Using homeopathy for acute illnesses strengthens the child's immune system and helps to avoid getting into a cycle of antibiotic use. A homeopathic remedy used at the beginning of an illness can solve the problem before it starts. Keep antibiotics for when you really need them!

These are three of the best things we have in the shop for children; Hifas da Terra Dr Leo and Dr Rei, and Dr Wolz Kinderimmun.

Dr Leo, made from the Hericium mushroom, is perfect for children who have both digestive problems and nervous system problems. It is extraordinary how many children who have behavioural problems also have a problem in the gut and Dr Leo addresses that mix perfectly.

Dr Rei, made from the Reishi mushroom, is for children who have recurrent infections and need help with their immune system. It is also useful for kids who are tired in the mornings and can be given before bed to help them to get value from their sleep.

Kinderimmun is like rocket fuel for kids, we sold a lot of it through the corona virus shut down because it is such a good immune system boost, but we had many reports back of kids with new great, happy, energy.

We have the wonderful Indigo Essences which children chose for themselves and other children centred products such as safe sunscreen, tooth brushes and toothpaste and gentle soaps.

Bach Flower Remedies

You may be familiar with 'Rescue Remedy,' which, in the Healing Herb range of Bach Flower Remedies, is called 'Five Flower Remedy.' Five Flower Remedy is a beautiful mix of five flower essences which help with five different aspects of shock. There are 38 different flower essences in the whole range, each one used for support in a different emotional situation.

For instance Oak is for people with qualities of loyalty, will power and devotion to duty who have had to endure long struggle. The oak flower remedy will help to restore their strength.

Some times more than one flower remedy will fit the situation which you are finding difficult and in that case we can make a mix tailored to you.

Love Your Heart

In the Homeopathic Dispensary we have a few different approaches to heart support.

The German company Dr Wolz make a few different heart products which we stock. Their products; Cardio Care, and Thromboflow are so popular in Germany they are really part of mainstream medicine now, prescribed by doctors.

We also carry Dr Marilyn Glenville's range. These are combination supplements, drawing on Marilyn Glenville's long experience and insight into health and illness.

In the 19th Century Dr Greene of Ennis, County Clare first started using the berries of the Hawthorn tree as a heart support remedy. Crataegus is still a very gentle, useful heart support remedy. We stock a very high quality tincture of crataegus from Helios Homeopathic Pharmacy.

We are always keeping an eye out for other quality products to help your heart.

Urinary Tract Infection

When you come into The Homeopathic Dispensary you will always a find an experienced, qualified alternative medicine practitioner who will help you to find the product that is most suited to you.

We have a wide range of products to help you on different levels. People swear by D Mannose for bladder infections so we stock a few different brands of high strength cranberry capsules. We have a blend of herbs from the Zota range for long term support of the urinary tract if this is a recurring problem for you, and we have excellent Liposomal Vitamin C.

Vitamin C will help you with inflammation any where in your body so it can be good to make a start with Vitamin C if your urinary tract is burning up. You may have some at home you could take immediately.

When you come into the shop we can also prescribe a homeopathic remedy based on your individual symptoms. Homeopathy is probably the fastest acting of all the products we stock and if you are in the clutches of a UTI acute, remedies such as Cantharis or Apis mel could turn things around for you fast.

Nettle has a great affinity with the urinary tract so Nettle Tea may be helpful in mild cases. Horsetail, or Equisetum, is used as a bladder support in homeopathy and can be used in cases of bed wetting where there is no other cause besides habit. Constitutional prescribing after a full consultation looking at the whole picture is better for children who are bed wetting as it can be a complex problem with deep causes.